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Linguistic Services / Localization Quality Management

I can help you define and implement an end-to-end multilingual quality strategy for your global organization.

A broad experience in localization helps me understand the perspectives of a linguist as well as those of an end client. This helps you create a quality approach that can be truly embraced by everyone involved, which automatically makes it more likely to succeed.

Let me give you an example:

In one of my roles onsite at a major Silicon Valley company, I handled a wide range of duties. In addition to managing and reporting on the day-to-day linguistic quality (data-driven) and driving a vendor training program, I worked across different production and marketing teams, and launched linguistic quality and process improvement solutions proactively in alignment with stakeholder needs.

I was also responsible for building a new team of language specialists from scratch after a full vendor switch. I selected and trained resources from an external vendor, and coordinated efforts to create style guides and product-specific guidelines once the teams were up and running. And when the client decided to explore a new CAT tool, I was in charge of defining and proposing a new end-to-end quality methodology.

In short, I offer the following quality management services:

  • Development and implementation of quality management methodology
  • Monitoring and (client-facing) reporting on quality metrics
  • Driving solutions for arbitrations and quality escalations, and improvement plans
  • Creating training material and providing training for linguists on tools, workflows, voice/brand, product knowledge
  • Resource planning and evaluation